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There isn’t anything wrong with picking up a $25 dollar glass pipe from your local, strip mall smoke shop. However, if you want a conversation piece that is easy on the eyes, these are the pipes you should seek out. 


“Faucet” by Yoshinori Kondo and Pakoh

Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BE8-w_iAfck/?taken-by=yoshinorikondo&hl=en

Lucky is the person who owns this pipe. The international collaboration between two glassmaking stars is a true work of art.


Seashell Pipe by Ocean Tokes

Image Source: http://www.oceantokes.com/2016/10/01/oceantokes-seashell-pipe-october-giveaway/

This seashell pipe would make a great addition to any pipe collection. And, according to Ocean Tokes, “medicating with nature is an experience unparalleled by blown glass.”

Beehive Smoker by Recreation Center's Josephine Heilpern

Image source: http://www.shop-tetra.com/collections/recreation-center

Tetra, a high-end smoke shop that is “dedicated to elevating the aesthetics of the smoking experienced,” joined with Josephine Heilpern to bring this unique 3.5" x 5" pipe to the masses.

Glass Ray Gun pipe by Kravin Glass

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/406520303839848319/

Marvin the Martian wouldn’t look out of place wielding this colorful contraption.

Gold and Diamond Smoking Pipe Necklace

Image source: http://goldndiamondsjewelry.com/mens-supply/10kt-yellow-gold-12cttw-diamond-smoking-pipe

Wearing, and smoking from, a solid gold pipe with approximately 1.2 cttw of diamonds certainly makes a statement.  However, that statement won’t come cheap: it will cost you $2,750.

Hunter S. Thompson ceramic pipe by Woof Terra Pipe

Image Source: https://wanelo.co/p/35731572/pipe-hunter-s-thompson-ceramic-handmade-smoking-pipe

Handmade in Macedonia, the HST pipe does its literary namesake justice.
Note: This pipe is no longer for sale.

The Peace Pipe by Timberado

Image source: http://timberado.com

Timberado, based out of Aspen, Colorado, crafts pipes that are worthy of your mantle.  Their Peace Pipes range from $200 for the standard Maple Stained Black model to $2200 for the opulent Rosewood Peace Pipe (pictured), which is adorned with an opal and a 24k gold plated bowl.

The Billiard by Stiff

Image source: http://www.stiffonline.com/products/stiff-pipe/

These Swedish creations, which have thermoplastic bodies and briar wood tobacco chambers, are elegant and understated.  Stiff only produced 400 of each pipe and every one of them comes in a numbered, wooden box.

Flame Voodoo Doll by Peter Muller

Image source: http://www.go2burn.com/collections/muller-glass/products/product-6?variant=5107548867

If you don’t know who Peter Muller is, you should. He’s one of the hottest glass artists around. His pipes are museum quality, and fetch top dollar. The Flame Voodoo Doll, which is sold out, went for $2500 at New York’s Burn Shop.

Wake and Bake Mug by Sam’s Muddy Mom Pottery

Image source: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SamsMuddyMomPottery

It’s a coffee mug. It’s a pipe. It’s a coffee mug pipe. Ingenious.

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