Barbary Coast Collective Talks Cannabis Concentrates

Oil. Hash. Batter. Dabs. Wax. Shatter. Sugar.

Anthony Farve
Anthony Farve

710 upside down = OIL, a catch-all term for cannabis concentrates. While there is much debate and speculation on how the term was coined, July 10th has become a day the cannabis community celebrates “oil” products.  

Oil. Hash. Batter. Dabs. Wax. Shatter. Sugar. Cannabis concentrates/ extracts come in many different forms and they go by many different names.  It can be daunting for anybody who is new to cannabis scene.  So, Onrush asked Julie Losch, manager of San Francisco’s swanky Barbary Coast Collective, to help sort some of it out.

Onrush: Do you see 710, and the use of cannabis concentrates in general, trending upward?

Barbary Coast: Absolutely! Concentrates are much more potent than flower, providing an economical way to consume cannabis. The high potency of cannabinoids allows for patients to remedy medical ailments quickly and efficiently; achieving faster and stronger relief than you would from edibles or flowers

Onrush: What questions about concentrates do you get most from first timers?

Barbary Coast: What is cannabis extract / concentrate? What is the difference between shatter/sugar/batter/sauce/etc.? What is non-solvent concentrate? 

Onrush: What is a good starting point for somebody who wants to try concentrates?

Barbary Coast: It's first important to identify how the patient intends to consume their cannabis and which method will be best for their health. Concentrates can be used in a variety of ways from: adding to your joint or bowl, vaporized through a glass rig, or in a portable vaporizer (vape pen).

Onrush: When purchasing concentrates, what should people look for?

Barbary Coast: It's very important to purchase lab tested concentrates. If purchasing solvent-based extracts, look for a low residual solvent count (ideally 500ppm or less). If experiencing a serious medical condition; seek for non-solvent concentrates.  

Onrush: The current trend in concentrate production seems to leaning towards non-solvent concentrates.  Can you tell us more about that?

Barbary Coast Non-solvent concentrates especially rosin are getting a lot of attention in the cannabis community as of lately. Unlike BHO, CO2, Propane, and Alcohol; non-solvent concentrates strictly use water, pressure, and heat. Rosin is a concrete form of resin which is acquired when adding pressure and heat (usually using a heat press) vaporizing the liquid terpenes. 

Onrush: How is Barbary Coast Collective going to celebrate 7-10-17?

Barbary Coast Collective: [We are] hosting an all day patient appreciation day! From 8am-10pm we will have a variety of our top vendors in shop, with complimentary dabs and pre-rolls, edible sampling, and promotions on products! 

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