Humboldt's Finest Enters the Craft Cannabis Market

the cannabis industry's sustainable business model

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Craft cannabis is on the rise.  Snoop Dog, Willie Nelson, and Tommy Chong all have their own premium cannabis product lines. Now, a group of Humboldt County, Calif. growers are joining their ranks. These growers forged an alliance to create a new craft cannabis brand called Humboldt’s Finest. Farms in this union include Humboldt Hills Farm, Humboldt Green Farm, and Mattole River Farm.

Humboldt’s Finest also introduced a premium cannabis flower line of their five most sought after strains. Their lineup features six packs of pre-rolled joints and handsomely boxed 1/8s of their signature, sun-grown flower.  Of course, it’s all grown in Humboldt County, arguably the most desirable cannabis-growing region in the nation.

“As California moves toward legalization, it is a natural next step as farmers to brand our region as America’s Craft Cannabis,” said CEO Joseph Shepp.

“We have been perfecting our trade and ability to comply since Prop 215. The opportunity to enter a legitimate, aboveground marketplace requires responsible practices. We look forward to raising the bar and setting the most sustainable standards for cannabis cultivation.”

The Humboldt's Finest growers have been practicing sustainable growing since 1996 in order to create what they call “the world’s finest sun grown cannabis products.” The term “sun grown” refers to where the plants are raised. Instead of using greenhouses or indoor facilities, Humboldt’s Finest raises their crop outside in the natural, fertile earth of the area. This practice yields two benefits: less energy consumption and a higher quality product, according to the company’s website. Growing the plants in the nature earth, or terroir, of the region means the innate elements of that terrain shine through in the final product. The company likens it to “wine grapes” and how they reflect the taste of their specific regions. The team also utilizes rainwater harvesting, natural fertilizers, and ecological pest management to ensure their operations are environmentally responsibility and regulatory compliant.

The company cites “advanced botanists, artisans and maverick growers” on their list of the dedicated individuals determined to make Humboldt’s Finest the cannabis industry’s sustainable business model.  

 “By educating customers on the premium value of craft cannabis, we will preserve the heritage family farms that have defined Humboldt County since the beginning,” explained Shepp. “Our vision is to produce the world's finest cannabis, while protecting the environment and culture of Humboldt County.”


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