Review: NoGoo Silicon Travel Bong

For on-the-go smokers


A bong really only needs to accomplish one task: deliver smoke to lungs. NoGoo’s silicone mini rig does that and a little more. This Swiss army knife of bongs is a 5 piece set-up -  glass down stem, glass bowl, stash box lid, mouth piece, lower body – that is easily assembled/ disassembled.  While the silicone body feels indestructible and could be easily jammed into a loaded backpack, you’ll still have to contend with the two glass pieces or opt for a more durable, yet less satisfying, plastic bowl and down stem in order to keep the components ready for use. The glass really wasn’t a problem for us and it did not hinder the bong’s portability.

This bong has several features crammed into its 6.5-inch design that make it useful for on-the-go smokers.  The base of the bong houses a silicone stash box and, when combined with the glass bowl, the upper half of the bong can be used as a dry pipe.

Perhaps the most interesting feature to us was the lanyard/ lanyard hook.  Many medicated hours were spent wondering what kind of person wears a bong around their neck and where we might find such a person. While we are hopeful the Universe will one day wrap her infinite blanket of knowledge around us to reveal that mystery, we currently don’t understand why you’d need a lanyard on a bong.  Still, we liked the quirkiness of it and found it to be a plus, for whatever reason.

Overall, NoGoo’s silicone mini rig is a durable piece of smoking gear that is well-suited for travelling, camping, and other outdoor activities. 

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