Review: The Original Stash Bag by Hat Attack

A classier way of carrying cannabis.

Hat Attack
Hat Attack

The Original Stash Bag by Hat Attack  is an odor blocking bag created specifically for cannabis users. Onrush received a charcoal colored nylon Stash Bag to review.


To be honest, the bag we received was a plain, somewhat boring looking little bag. It resembled a make-up kit of some kind, and we were told as much when we carried it in public.  Of course, Hat Attack offers other, more stylish options, but, for us, boring is what we requested; an unassuming bag that doesn’t scream, “I’ve got weed, Bro” is more our speed. Think discreet and adult-like. This style was just right for us.


We loaded our Stash Bag with an embarrassingly dirty glass pipe (yeah, we know), a half ounce of high quality flower we procured from our favorite dispensary, and a red Bic lighter. The generous bag still had plenty of room for more stuff had we needed it. The interior has small pockets that can be used for lighters, rolling papers, etc. However, we just jammed everything in the bag and tossed it into the backseat of our car.


This was a pungent indica strain we packed in our little bag, but there wasn’t any scent of cannabis in the air even after a day of leaving the stash bag in our car.  The bag’s rubber lining and special rubber-lined zipper system kept the cannabis odors contained, as advertised. The bag itself didn’t absorb the smell either. So, the scent inside the bag dissipated once we removed our stash and let the bag air out.


For the next few weeks, we used our Stash Bag exclusively while traveling with cannabis (and that very dirty pipe we really need to get around to cleaning).  The Stash Bag performed better than we expected.  Odors were blocked, and the product was durable enough to be tossed around and abused. Because it is well-made, it won’t need to be replaced every few months, even if you do take it everywhere with you, which we assume you will want to do once you get a Stash Bag of your own.


The bag would be perfect if it only had one thing: the ability to secure it with a small luggage lock. Many states require that cannabis is locked away from kids. Plus, it is just good practice, and responsible, to keep cannabis out of their hands, regardless of your state laws. Big kids, too. And roommates. Other than that small detail, we found the Stash bag to be an effective piece of gear that is great for on-the-go- cannabis consumers. We highly recommend The Original Stash Bag by Hat Attack. It’s a classier way of carrying cannabis.


Available in both nylon and straw, The Original Stash Bag by Hat Attack retails for $45. 



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