Snug Nug: Cuddle with your Favorite Strain

"Dank decor for the true connoisseur..."

Photo by Snug Nug
Photo by Snug Nug

Here’s a clever option for those people who really, really love cannabis and just need to cuddle with a “nug.”


The double-sided Snug Nug  pillows are handmade in Philly and, get this, are strain specific.  They currently offer Black Cherry Soda, O.G. Kush, and White Widow Snug Nug pillows, but are in the midst of revamping the product line via a Kickstarter campaign. Blueberry Afgoo and Black Dahlia will be added to the collection.


The pillows range in size from 24-26 inches by 16-18 inches by 4-5 inches.


They sell for $45 a piece. Each pillow comes in a “baggie” that resembles the packaging you might get from your favorite dispensary. 


Product Website:

Photo by Snug Nug
Photo by Snug Nug


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